Principal Message


It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to the website of St. Mary's School, Garima Garden. The school was founded in 1997. From a small beginning, it has grown into an institute of repute over the years. The school is predominantly catering to the educational needs of the socially and economically weaker sections of the society. It was with a view to bringing opportunities of modern education to the chidren of this underprivileged area that we started the school in the first place.

Education for us is not a business, but a God ordained service to the society and the humanity. It is our aim to offer education to all those students who need it, rather than to sell it to those students whose parents can afford to buy it. Our school caters to the educational needs of all sections of society in the area, without any discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, financial position, social status or any other criteria whatsoever.

We at St. Mary's do not consider eduication as the banal process of teaching children formulas,equations,thories or filling young minds with loads of academic knowledge, making them score pretty good marks and pass exams. For us education is the meaningful process of preparing the young mind to seek and recieve new knowlegde and insight, lay down a robust foundation for acquiring healthy habits and build impeccable characters. The focus is on inspiring the children to become self-learners, inorder to achieve this goal, we have always strived to create a supportive, cooperative, collaborative environment in our school, so that today's child can mature into tomorrow's adult citizen capable of achieving higher goals in life, useful to onesellf, one's family and the nation.

Education is the ultimate empowering tool for the young generation. Education gives them power to achieve confidence to build a career, and a craving to lead a respectable life in society. It is properly guided education that builds a child's life,as well as the nation's future.

We believe we have remained and we shall remain truthful to this goal we have set for ourselves.

Annie J. Samuel